IMG_0127Lowe Realty, Inc., offers the superior professional services in the Evansville market today. Since our company was founded 34 years ago, we have helped our clients achieve their investment goals while providing quality affordable housing to well-qualified residents. Our many years of experience and commitment to our community have earned us a reputation as a top-notch property management company in Evansville. 

At Lowe Realty, Inc., you receive the kind of quality and service that you would expect from a management firm. Our company over the years has continued to evolve as the needs of our clients change and as new opportunities have been created in the market. We make it our responsibility to know you and your property.
We work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your needs now and in the future. Our office staff to our field staff are committed to your success from day one.

Our History

Lowe Realty, Inc., was founded in 1981 by W. Walt & D. Lynn Lowe. Our co-founder and President W. Walt Lowe has over 55 years of experience with the housing market in the Evansville area. The main goal for Lowe Realty, Inc., for over 30 years has been to continue to develop and manage real estate holdings in the tri-state area, and offer our residents a safe and comfortable place to call home.  Over the years we have provided homes for thousands of residents, and will continue to serve our community for decades to come.

How to Contact Us

Office Address: 3811 Covert Avenue | Evansville, Indiana 47714

Office Lines: 812-479-6366 Office Line | 812-479-7412

To reach the Owners Representative Chadd Huffman, please call 812-319-4351

W. Walt Lowe is a proud member of the Property Owners & Managers Association of Evansville (P.O.M.A). 
The main vision of P.O.M.A is to elevate the rental property management to its highest level.